The Hop Takes on Production at rukus

They say don’t judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Which is great, because then you are a mile away…and you have their shoes.

rukus decided to nudge The Hop out of their comfort zones and had us filling a completely different set of shoes. We might have stumbled on occasion but with the expert guidance from everyone at rukus as well as a great day spent shooting in Chesterfield with Tom Newcomb from Black Truck Pictures, The Hop ended the week on happy feet and made a great lifestyle video to boot.

This was The Hop’s first week with a production house and we noticed the differences instantly. Fewer people, more screens. With editing rooms for sound, video and 3D animation taking up most of the space at the rukus office in downtown St. Louis, we spent our week in an environment that simply buzzed with creativity.

While we could go on singing praises about our time spent at rukus, we feel we would do a better job visually. We think the video above speaks for itself.

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