The Hop Spends a Data Driven Week at Scorch

From humanizing brands at NHS to simplifying tech for stronger customer relations, we’re convinced that Ad Club STL planned the interns’ journey just as well as Scorch plans it for their clients. With just one more week to go, this eclectic group of individuals finds themselves disinclined to hop back to their regular lives.

A short-sighted view of an internship might lead one to believe that the purpose is simply to learn the craft. We’d venture an opinion that there’s lot more to it than meets the myopic eye. Those of you who’ve followed our journey so far know that we are a multi-disciplinary team. Different universities, different skill sets and different schools of thought. That hasn’t stopped us from displaying killer teamwork and a collaborative potential.

Scorch launched us immediately into the content marketing universe and we love them for their faith in us. Their office on Locust street is also home to a carbon-fiber ping-pong table (table tennis for those on the other side of the pond) and a futuristic, space-age communications framework that is positioned to slowly disrupt the existing customer experience platforms. You know, just your everyday content-marketing agency stuff.

Never the ones to shy away from a challenge, the Hop (or the Scorchies, as we were affectionately rebranded this week) jumped right into our adventure through the world of research data and statistics. Seven weeks into this internship and we have really learned to play off each other’s strengths. Data might be scattered haphazardly over the internet but it always flowed seamlessly within our team. We all learned something new; and not necessarily relevant to advertising.

Fun Fact: Did you know 100% of newborn babies are non-smokers?

Work and play aren’t mutually exclusive in the advertising world, contrary to the popular adage. Sure, we have our moments of panic when the deadlines are perilously close and you are staring at an empty screen; willing your fingers to fly off the keyboard…or looking at various chunks of data and wondering if it will ever start making sense. That doesn’t keep us from enjoying every moment of it. We followed our passions here, not just the paycheck.

We have another week before we go our separate ways. Some of us will go back to school and some of us will take a deep breath and head out into the real world. No safety nets but armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience to face it head on. We might not be seasoned professionals yet but we are definitely on the right path.