Choose Your Own Agency: How to Successfully Navigate ITC

1. It is a new place. As you walk into the building, you’re happy because you see four familiar faces, and you’re excited to be working on another great project. Soon, a man named Brendan shakes your hand and introduces you to Jennifer, Lisa, Jake, Jamie, Angie, Annie and another Brendan. As you try to remember all of the important and talented people’s names, you are asked if you would like to go on a tour.

If you would like to go on the tour, go to paragraph three.

If you decide to go to get some coffee instead, proceed to the next paragraph.

2. You decided that you definitely needed some coffee to function this morning. However, due to your clumsiness, you spilled hot coffee all over the person next to you in line. Unfortunately, this was one of ITC’s most important clients! You were asked to take the rest of this week off for some rest and relaxation…

3. You and the other interns are soon led through a maze of a building. At first, you thought it was a relatively small building, but as the tour goes on, you realize that it is never-ending! There are different areas for fabrication, printing, multimedia editing, digital content, scenic, storage, and staging! You quickly get lost. Do you decide to go left towards the sound stage…or right towards the wood shop?

If you decide to go left, go to paragraph five.

If you decide to go right, proceed to the next paragraph.

4. You decided to go right towards the wood shop. Uh oh, you opened a door thinking it would go to another room, but it was actually a big-ass box! You got locked in on accident and shipped to a trade show in Nashville! At least you got to hear some country music…

5. You decided to go left towards the sound stage, luckily you caught up to the other interns. After receiving your project for the week, you choose your specific assignments.

If you decide to work on the strategy, go to paragraph 7.

If you decide to work on the video concept, go to paragraph 8.

If you decide to work on the banner ad, go to paragraph 9.

If you decide to work on an email announcement, go to paragraph 10.

If you decide to work on the blog this week, continue to the next paragraph.

6. You decide to work on the blog this week to put your writing skills to the test! While eating lots of candy and going only slightly crazy, there are some creative ideas on the table and ready to be seen at the presentation!

Continue to paragraph 11.

7. You make the decision to work on the strategy this week.  You are doing research under a tent that is labeled “pain pointe” even though it is only slightly painful. Prepared as always, your research and strategy are all flushed out with plenty of time to spare before the presentation.

Continue to paragraph 11.

8. With your photography background and writing experience, you decide you would be the best fit for the video concept. You soon come up with many ideas, but you need inspiration for some of your characters. You make lots of people laugh by having them read aloud some character lines. Eventually, you’re prepared to give this presentation.

Continue to paragraph 11.

9. You wanted to put your creative abilities to work, so you decide to work on the banner ad. After getting lost in your own little world for awhile, you make friends with Jamie, who gives you some top secret inside advice about websites and portfolios. Soon it is Friday, and after recovering from slight carpal tunnel syndrome, the designs are ready to go!

Continue to paragraph 11.

10. You decided to work on an email announcement. After a little bit of writing, you get kidnapped by Jennifer, the account executive, to sit in on a new business development meeting. Eventually, it is time for the presentation, and you start the group off with a bang!

Continue to paragraph 11.

11. The presentation is a success! Many of the ideas that you and the other interns came up with are implemented for ITC’s Journey ETA. Everybody in the audience claps and cheers wildly!!

Bonus game:

Can you match the intern to the eventual fates of paragraphs 6-8?

Jenni, Sumit, Peyton, Kristen, and Maggie