Week 4: New Honor Society

Our week at New Honor Society was met with a mighty project: creating strategies and collateral for TinySuperheroes. TinySuperheroes is a company that designs capes for children overcoming illnesses and disabilities in order to empower them. They aim to send the message that different is extraordinary. Throughout our time, we created a leave-behind booklet for prospective donors, a social media partnership strategy, a sponsorship program for their monthly Patches program and an idea for a YouTube series.

This week really pulled at our heartstrings. Picking apart the TinySuperheroes’ website, reading success stories and even touring headquarters helped open our eyes to the struggles these families go through every day. It dawned on us this week that it’s so easy to take simple things like eating a meal or walking for granted. They’re not a luxury all children get to enjoy. 

A highlight for us was visiting TinySuperheroes headquarters, in Webster Groves, Missouri. Immediately, we were greeted with the biggest smile from Maggie Pike, a former intern hopper and NHS summer intern. We got to watch how the capes are made, and even see the precious capes for newborns. We had the privilege of sitting down with Robyn Rosenberger, TinySuperheroes’ founder and asking her questions about her inspiration and future goals.  At the end of the visit, we walked away with our own Superhero Swag: bracelets and lots of stickers. 

Aside from working on our TinySuperheroes project, we got to meet some of NHS’ other employees. On Tuesday afternoon, we had the opportunity to sit in on an agency meeting. What we thought was going to be a review of work or a serious conversation about what was going on in the office, actually turned out to be a 20-minute group exploration of boredpanda.com. If you ever need a distraction, this website is the perfect way to get lost in the depths of the internet. A special thanks to Michelle Murphy and Sam Arvin, who mentored us throughout the week. Additionally, the NHS interns deserve a shoutout: Evan, Delaney, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Brandon! They helped us debrief and brainstorm our project, had lunch with us a couple of days and overall, welcomed us with open arms.