Week 3: Osborn Barr | Paramore

Another week has come and gone, and we’ve completed another challenging assignment given to us by Osborn+Barr | Paramore. In our week at OBP, our team was tasked with forming a strategy to enhance OBP’s recruitment process. Through telling the story of where OBP has been, where it is now and where it’s going, we deliver a strategy that will increase intern and entry-level applications, fill positions quicker and streamline the overall process. Additionally, we had a secondary goal to showcase OBP’s transformation from a rural mindset to one that is more inclusive of all things mid-Western as well as showcase OBP’s office culture.

Our week at OBP was very different than our weeks past. First off, OBP had their own set of summer interns. On Wednesday morning, OBP organized a breakfast for us to meet and mingle with them. Then, on Thursday, they invited us to join them for lunch at Wheelhouse! A second way this week different from the other’s is that we had the opportunity to shadow different departments if we wanted to. For example, Nicole had a discussion and portfolio review with two of OBP’s creative directors, Zach Arnold and Ben Bohling. Jacob shadowed OBP’s strategy team on Thursday for the entire afternoon. Here’s what he had to say about it!

“Shadowing Austin in the Strategy department was a very valuable experience. Research and strategy play a huge role at OBP. Austin walked me through his day-to-day responsibilities, from brand strategy to data analysis to market research. After meeting with him, I have a better understanding of the skills needed to succeed in an agency strategist role.”

Another highlight of our week was Tuesday night: we were given five free tickets to sit in the Redbird Club at the Cardinals game. Even though our boys lost, it was fun to see each other outside the office and cheer on the team. The weather was beautiful, the beer was refreshing and the seats were fantastic. 

As far as our actual project goes, we loved working on internal strategy. We pitched a number of ideas, from using Gaggle to promote employee action to creating a landing page specifically for OBP’s internship. Our favorite part of our presentation was creating a special character for OBP: Ossie. The cute, little star was created to help tell the story of OBP’s history and evolution. 

Last but not least, we want to thank Caitlyn McGuire, Erin Boedeker and Shannon Gerli for their guidance throughout the week. Because of them, we felt right at home and knew what we needed to do to finish a successful project. 

Thank you, OBP, for everything!