The Electric Playground Beatdown: Ad Club’s Annual Pinball Tournament


Join the 4th Annual Ad Club Pinball Tournament, The Electric Playground Beatdown!
How this will work:
-Each agency entry will be allowed 4 agency representatives to participate in the tourney. Each agency is allowed a maximum of 3 teams.
-Each player will receive 2 free drink tickets.
-Each team gets $10 in quarters to play.
-Food from Byrd & Barrell will be provided
-Introducing a new “16 Hole Pin-Golf Theme”! We’ll explain more on location, but think of it as a 4 “hole” game and the collective score for the team will make up your 16-hole score. Just like in golf, the team with the lowest score wins the tournament.
Rules during play:
-Players are only eligible to play 1 “extra ball” per game. If multiple extra balls are earned, the player can only play 1 and then must drain all others thereafter. They are allowed to launch the additional extra balls but they can not use the flippers to continue the lifespan of the ball after that.
-No death saves or excessive tilting of machines will be allowed.
-If a ball gets stuck or a machine malfunctions during a game and can not be fixed that game will be voided and a new machine will be drawn to restart that round.
We only have 20 agency spots so sign up fast! The winning agency will bring home the coveted Pinball trophy (and have one year worth of ultimate bragging rights!
Bummer, you missed out. This event is closed.


The Silver Ballroom
4701 Morganford Rd, St. Louis, MO 63116

Date and Time

Fri, June 28, 2019

3:00 PM - 7:00 PM