Darling Makery

Job Description

Looking for someone who’s mildly dangerous at trivia night and has flirted with the idea of an open mic to test out their material. Those aren’t official prerequisites.

Ideally, we’d like to talk to a writer who’s playful, inquisitive and this is quickly devolving into a dating app description. Can we say that? Probably not. Oh well. We also want someone who’s willing to go far enough to make lawyers tremble and readers giggle.

We’re in an amazing time for advertising. Writers, especially, have more toys to manipulate. Websites, social media posts, radio spots, blogs, new brand names–really anything with words. You get it. You’ve done this before.

But maybe you haven’t been doing it at a place that wants to see the weirdest idea you’ve got and find out how to get it produced. That’s the fun part, doing work that’s on the mark and off the wall. We want the ideas that seem intuitive, but only because you put in the effort to make it look effortless.

This is an agency that maintains high expectations and mutual support. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or veteran status. Please tell us a little about yourself when sending a link to your portfolio to jobs@darlingmakery.com.

Company Overview

Darling Makery is a brief-to-life creative shop, specializing in brand development and campaign launch. We aim to build our own brand through a collaborative working style and a prolific, ideas-first mentality. With practice areas in travel & hospitality, healthcare and animal welfare, we work to make our clients the darlings of their audience.

As professionals and human beings, we value independence, accountability and fulfillment. Darling is committed to diversity of thought that comes from multiple perspectives. We are a fully vaccinated company. Our office on Cherokee Street, in the heart of Antique Row, is surrounded by artists, shopkeepers, musicians, a wide variety of restaurants and most importantly, inspiration.

How To Apply

Please tell us a little about yourself when sending a link to your portfolio to
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