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Welcome to The Real World Experience – Copywriter

The number-one thing any intern wants from their internship? Real-world experience. And what’s more real than…reality TV? (Well, a lot of things, as it turns out. But stay with us here.) Say what you will about it, but when it comes to the stakes? The intrigue? The personalities?

The pure, unfiltered humanity (insanity) of reality TV? Nothing else comes close.

You’ll work on real projects with real industry pros, as well as bump elbows with some of your peer group’s biggest future power-players. You’ll walk away from the experience with new clips for your book, new insights and inspiration to guide your future journey, and maybe even a signature catchphrase or two.

Apply now. Because this is the true story of 6-12 interns picked to spend a summer at St. Louis’s most unscripted ad agency. This is what happens when people stop being students and start getting…real-world experience.

All internships will run for 9 weeks, starting June 6th, 2022 and ending August 5th, 2022. Interns cannot work more than 30 hours per week, and interns can expect to make $13/hour. In addition to working within your team and receiving direct supervision from your assigned mentor, you will interact with all aspects of the agency, and meet every two weeks with their cohort.

Copywriter interns will work closely with their home creative team to support client work, as well as with their cohort on original concepts. Copywriters are expected to collaborate with Art Director partners both within and outside their cohort, as well as across agency disciplines including account service, strategy, 3D art, motion design, emerging technology, experience design and video to create compelling, inventive and effective brand experiences. While we hope to spend some time together on site (confession booths are better in person), remote applicants are also considered.

Are you “here to make friends”?

A reality show is nothing without its highly engaging, highly meme-able cast of powerful personalities. Consider this your audition tape: show us your personality in the media of your choosing. Share your resume, but also maybe submit a quick video, a voice memo, a self-made meme, a TikTok dance, or—yes, even—a short written response to some (or all, or none) of the following questions to give us a sense of who you are. Seriously. Who are you?

(As for your work? We’d like a PDF, portfolio, or link to your website, please.)

What would your signature reality TV catchphrase be?

Are you “here to make friends”? Why or why not?

Who would be your amazing race partner?

If you had to lip-sync for your life, what song would you choose?

Company Overview

Paradowski Creative is a full-service creative agency based in St. Louis, Missouri with offices in North America and Europe. If you dropped by the agency right now, you’d find roughly 100 writers, designers, strategists, producers, account service managers and developers working on all kinds of amazing stuff. We build brands, campaigns and digital experiences for some of the largest companies on the planet, as well as some of the smallest, not-for-profit organizations. Basically, we do work we believe in for clients we believe in. You can learn more about us at

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