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Job Description

Creative Resources Manager

The Creative Resources Manager coordinates individuals in the Creative Shop and Switch teams to develop, create, and deliver creative marketing solutions for Switch’s clients. They balance day-to-day resource management with communications between all internal teams to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and over deliver on client expectations.
The Creative Resources Manager needs to be a strategic thinker, able to understand a client’s desired outcomes and should have a solid grasp of brand, digital and experiential marketing along with the client’s industry and competition and be able to identify the right creative for each project.
We are looking for an individual who believes in innovation, collaboration, and good old-fashioned hard work, not to mention having a lot of fun along the way. Successful candidates are able to work well independently and as part of a team.

1) This position acts as the right-hand person of the Executive Creative Director. All creative project requests are coordinated through the Creative Resources Manager to alert the ECD of new projects and help allocated the appropriate resources.
a. All employees will work with the Creative Resources Manager to keep him/her informed on all projects and schedule creative resources as needed
2) This position helps organize the Creative Shop and works across the company, especially with PMs, to make sure work is getting done on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.
3) As we continue to work towards a unified company that brings solutions across platforms to our clients, this position plays a big part in ensuring those opportunities are being identified and the resources are being allocated accordingly.

Primary Responsibilities

Resource Management

The Purpose
– Ensures all projects have the right creative resources available and assigned to the project.
– Give the ECD a better line of sight into all of the moving parts of Sw:tch and help identify additional opportunities within those projects.

1) Schedules all creative resources on projects within Sw:tch
a. This includes coordinating video production, video editing, and post-production schedules
b. This includes scheduling and managing all freelancers being utilized by Sw:tch, helping to evaluate if and when they are needed
c. Maintain a status document of all the projects at Sw:tch and which team members are assigned, where the project stands, what are next steps, and what is needed to get the project done
2) Assists Creative Shop in proactively gathering assets from internal departments.
a. Project specifications, Imagery, assets, file formatting
3) Helps PM communicate milestone dates for internal reviews, revisions, and client presentations as needed
a. May also help schedule team meetings to review comps and discuss next steps as needed
4) Keep ECD informed on who is working on what projects, and help evaluate who is performing, and who isn’t

Additional Responsibilities


The Purpose: Quality Assurance
– Support PMs to ensure that work moves through the building smoothly, and that the right people are seeing the work at the right time so the work that leaves the building is mistake free and lives up to Switch’s top-tier creative expectations
a. All work should be sent to the copywriter for proofreading to make sure it is grammatically correct and mistake free
b. The Creative Resource Manager will also set up weekly meetings with relevant Creative Shop team members and the ECD to review together the work being produced by Sw:tch
i. This will give the ECD and other team members an opportunity to influence the work and help push each other to deliver work that it is of the highest quality while delivering against client objectives
ii. Work being reviewed may have already been shared with clients, so this process is about collaboration and helping team members grow

PM Support

The Purpose
– To streamline communication between the PM’s and the Creative Team

1) Creative Project Initiation
a. Creative Resource Manager works with the PM’s and the Creative Shop to ensure that they have everything they need before kicking off a project
i. No project should be initiated without having all the information and materials needed, including timelines and production schedules, saving us time and making the team more efficient
b. The CRM will be responsible for checking in with the creatives to make sure they are getting things done when they are supposed to and also managing the creative hours on projects in order to identify availability for future projects
i. Supply PM with proper notice of Creative’s potential to exceed allotted hours

2) Business Development
a. Help Biz Dev evaluate new projects and what creative work and creative team members will be needed
b. Help Biz Dev/PR/Marketing Coordinator stay informed on the status of Sw:tch projects
i. Work with Marketing Coordinator to ensure Switch is capturing images/footage of work we are creating and producing to be used for social media/case studies/website

Responsibilities and opportunities moving forward

1) Project Management tool
a. Help integrate our ERP system into the creative workflow
2) Workflow Process
a. Will work towards finalizing and implementing a more formalized process over time for the Creative Shop
3) Organizing creative
a. Continue to work with and organize creatives to help them think through the totality of a project, helping them focus on the right things at the right time and delivering the best work possible

Skills and Qualifications

• Works well with others
• Strong attention to detail
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Exceptional problem-solving skills
• Works well under pressure
• Problem solver, quick thinker
• Proactive, execution-oriented
• Multi-tasker
• Understanding of marketing disciplines, including, but not limited to: advertising, digital marketing, shopper marketing, corporate communications, and experiential.
• Production savvy
• Can play the role of “bad cop”
• Experience working for a marketing agency is a plus

Company Overview

Marketing & Advertising 51-200 employees 230 on LinkedIn
We are an experience agency.

We create meaningful human experiences, connecting the dots across touchpoints. We put people at the heart of every experience, turning emotion into action and action into emotion.

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