Account Coordinator/Project Manager


Origin Agency, Inc.

Job Description

Do you make spreadsheets instead of shopping lists? Do you find every typo in your social media feed? Do you correct your friends’ grammar (or want to, but bite your tongue because you don’t want to be “that person”)? Do you enjoy telling everyone else what to do? Do you like to write? Do you get along easily with different types of people?

If so, you may have just found your new work home. We’re your people. We will appreciate your unique skills. And we’ll provide you with fabulous on-the-job training.

This is a primarily a project management role, responsible for shepherding jobs through the Origin Agency system and ensuring that everything is delivered to our clients on time and flawlessly. It is a client service role, so we want someone who can develop an easy rapport with clients and vendors. We’re also always looking for creative thinkers who write well.

Required Skills:

•Some experience in project management (through school organizations or internships is fine)

•A passion for precision and an ability to remember details on multiple projects

•A skill for organization and planning

•An ability to find typos, grammatical errors, misalignments, and malapropisms

•A college degree (bonus points if it’s in Marketing or English)

Company Overview

Origin Agency is a boutique creative agency focused on building brands through brand identity, packaging, advertising, consumer communications, in-store displays, social media, and sales support.

Our clients are all major national brands, mostly within the beverage industry.

Why work for Origin Agency?
Because we believe our business works best when people come first: employees, clients, and consumers.

We strive to make our agency a positive force in their lives: one that listens, values who they are outside of the office, and works for their success.

We believe that good work comes from happy, well-balanced people who are treated well, but challenged to be great. This is why we started Origin Agency in the first place.

We spend more on benefits, give more vacation and allow more leave than other agencies.

We invest in creating an office that makes people feel good, but we’re also flexible with WFH.

The Origin of success is rooted in great work. Great work springs from relationships built through honesty, hard work, listening and sincere interest. This is why 90% of our business comes from clients who have worked with us in the past and seek us out again and again as they progress through their careers.

How To Apply

Please submit a resume to Megan Walker
Email Us